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"The European Parliament's Environment, Public Health and Food Safety Committee (ENVI), with today's vote on the EU budget for the year 2022, endorsed my proposal to create the first EU public database of experimental models based on human biology and non-animal methods (NAMs). This public database, automated and based on artificial intelligence, will make information on successful NAMs easily accessible to the scientific community and ethics committees, facilitating and accelerating the transition towards methodologies based on human biology, instead of animal testing", says Eleonora Evi, Greens/EFA MEP and Vice-President of the Welfare and Conservation of Animals Intergroup of the European Parliament.

"There are still around 10 million animals used in research and testing procedures every year across the EU. Animal experimentation is still too often carried out despite the existence of valid and effective alternative methods, partly due to the fact that these methods are often unknown to researchers and ethics committees responsible for verifying that the use of animals in research projects 'is necessary and irreplaceable' due to the absence of alternative methods, as set out in EU rules," Evi continued.

"My proposal for the creation of a public database on non-animal methods - submitted as part of the selection of pilot projects to be funded through the EU budget for 2022 - after receiving the OK from the European Commission, now also receives the approval of the ENVI Committee of the European Parliament, thus having a very good chance of being adopted and funded with next year's EU budget. This is excellent news for the millions of animals that are unnecessarily tortured every year for experiments that regularly fail to produce results relevant to humans, but also an important step towards finally allowing concrete advances in the understanding and treatment of diseases that animal methods currently used have failed to achieve," concludes Evi.

Pilot project proposal_AI_NAMs 20210705
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